Using Google Forms


This is the second installment of the Let Google Run My Life Series. Google Forms have a lot of great applications for your business.  They are very easy to create and use.  You can share them via email or embed them in your website.

Google Forms are amazing for business (or personal use).  You can use them for things such as: contact, reservations, events, just about anything. 

Some of my favorite features about Google Forms are:

  • They’re free
  • It is easy to organize and analyze the responses
  • They’re fast and easy to create
  • They’re easily shared 
    • it’s easy to share the forms with people so they can complete the form
    • It is easy to share with others to collaborate on the creation
    • The results of the form can be shared easily

This two-part video tutorial shows you how to create, customize, share and embed Google Forms.


Part I:


Part II


How do you use forms for your business?