Being an entrepreneur can be a lot of wonderful things: exhilarating, satisfying and fulfilling. It can also be scary, disappointing and downright exhausting. So, it’s important to remember your goals and your motivation. What are you working so hard for?

Do you want to be financially free? Do you want to pay for your children’s college tuition in full with no  loans? Do you want to buy your dream house? Do you want to let your parents retire early? Or do you simply want to build wealth for you and your family and not for someone else?

Everyone has different motivations for stepping out on a limb and becoming an entrepreneur.  Whatever your reason, don’t forget it! Take some time to dream.

You’re in the trenches building your new business or weighing the pros and cons of starting a new business. You’re working really hard, but you haven’t reached any of the goals you’ve set for yourself or your business yet…that’s okay! But don’t abandon the dream just because it’s not working right away or because it’s not working out the way you thought it would. Instead, take a breath and take a break from the work and…Dream a Little.

Take some time to envision what your life will be like once you have reached the goals you have set. What does it look like? How do you feel? What do you look like? How do you dress, how do you speak, how do you interact with others?

Now take it a step further, write it down, make a vision board or open a Pinterest account.  Pinterest is a great way to catalog a lot of things, including making a digital vision board. You can even make boards private so others can’t see what you’re planning! What does your dream house, car or business look like?

Find a picture of it and attach it to your vision board or pin it to your PInterest board. Click here to see an example vision board I created.

Although your reason for starting a business may not only be about money and what you can buy and other material things, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming of being a homeowner, or buying a car outright for a struggling family member, etc.  

Let your dreams help you set your goals. What can you do on a daily basis to work towards reaching your goals? Click the button below to print a worksheet that will help you keep your goals and motivations forefront in your mind. It will also help you break down your goals into tasks as well as give you space to write out items you would like to put on your vision board.



Take time daily or at least weekly and just look at your vision board for a few minutes and…dream. This will help you stay the course and not give up. Being an entrepreneur is not easy – but neither is working for someone else. It is worth it! You just have to remind yourself of that. Staying focused will help keep your mind in the game.

Best wishes for you + your business,