Dress for the Business You Want


When working from home it may be tempting to hang out in your pajamas while working on your laptop in bed. And some days that’s okay! But, there is something about getting up, having a morning routine, taking a shower, doing your hair, putting on makeup (if that’s your thing) and getting dressed for the day – just like you would for a 9-5.

When you dress the part, you act the part. In general, people act differently when they’re dressed more professionally when compared with how they act when they’re laying around the house or even sitting at their desk in their home office wearing pajamas. You know that feeling when you take the time to look the way you want to look, it gives you a confidence boost! If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, your day will be that much better.

This will change the tone of your day. You will interact with people differently. When you’re ready for the day, you can leave the house if a client needs you to stop by their office unexpectedly or an investor is able to squeeze you in for a last minute meeting. If you’re out running errands and you happen to strike up a conversation with someone and the topic of your business comes up, you will look professional and prepared. You will be representing your business well at all times.

It doesn’t mean that you have to sit at your home office desk in a suit every day, all day, but there is a big between pajamas and a 3-piece suit. If a customer wants to do a quick Skype call, you don’t have to scramble to change out of your favorite, but bleach stained sweat shirt – you’re already prepared! 

By doing this regularly, you will be dressing for the business you want – not necessarily the business you have at the moment. In the future, when your business is as you dream it will be, you will probably be taking meetings regularly, speaking with clients, interviewing employees and doing other important tasks related to running your business. Run your business NOW with that future in mind. Once your dreams become your reality, you’ll be ready because you have been preparing. 

Best wishes for you + your business,


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